Dr. Ari Bernstein, MD is a board certified internal medicine physician, personaldevelopment consultant, investor and a best-selling author ®. He has experience inemergency medicine, primary care, urgent care, sports medicine, pain management,nutrition as well as health and wellness. He has worked in hospitals and ERs, coveringrehab floors to intensive care units.

Ari has a deep interest in self-development and started his personal journey in the areaof body and mind transformation a number of years ago after a debilitating back injuryforced him to take a step back from his successful career as a physician.

In his personal development journey, Ari chose a path like Napoleon Hill, and hedecided to study every successful person he could find. He bought books, courses, CDs, audiobooks, digital programs and more produced by people like Napoleon Hill, Dr.Eric Thomas, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Brendon Burchard and more. He went to EricThomas’ and Brendon Burchard’s conferences and participated in their online training programs and he also went through Bob Proctor’s elite 1-year coaching program.

Today, Ari uses his personal experience and decade of personal development studies to help others find their purpose and reach their full potential through his work as a consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and the program Thinking Into Results.

He is also a Best-Selling Author® with Jack Canfield for the book “The Success Formula”, and he has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, CBS, NBC, FOX, Yahoo Money, the Wall Street Journal and more publications.

Ari is an investor in a number of organizations including New Amsterdam Football Club, CovidMD and Fruit Street. In addition, Ari recently joined the medical advisory board for Fruit Street, which is the only CDC recognized and endorsed virtual diabetes prevention program that helps people lose excess weight and decrease their risk for type 2diabetes. In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Ari assisted Fruit Street in building and launching CovidMD as he joined that venture as a full time clinical advisor. CovidMD is a telehealth company that was built in response to the pandemic so patientscan be assessed from the safety and privacy of their homes.